How Will Your Customers Look in 2020?

Rising customer expectations, a rapidly changing technology landscape and increasing internal demands are placing extraordinary pressure on customer care leaders. The customers of the future will be informed, connected, and demanding. Companies must adapt or face extinction. "2020 Customer" details what you need to do to survive. Inside, you'll find:  

  • What millennials, your future customers, want from their customer experiences 
  • What 81% of customers are already doing and what you need to do to accommodate them 
  • The reasons why voice channel is dying and what customers would rather do instead 
  • The future of customer care as told by executives from some of the world's leading brands
  • A cross section of data from the industry's foremost experts – what's really going to happen? 
  • An easy to follow six-step roadmap for building a successful customer strategy 

Trying to balance everything can be overwhelming. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, we’d like to help you shine by making sense of an increasingly complex customer engagement landscape and enabling you take control of your customer strategy. 

"Data points to the painful conclusion that consumers really only want to talk to companies as a last resort."

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